Application:Where are we? Who are we?

Given the content of yesterday’s blog I thought it might be helpful to consider some practical application so that we can consider how the spiritual understanding of creation and ourselves may help us in our relationship with Christ.

1. It reminds us who is in charge

2. It helps us to reshape our priorities in life

3. It helps us to rest

4. It’s the beginning of a renewed mind

Lets take a closer look…..

1. It reminds us who is in charge

Seeing the world through a spiritual lens help us to remember that GOD is the one who is in charge of EVERYTHING. It allows us to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that in every situation God sees, God hears and God knows. Despite all the troubles of the day, the wickedness of men the corruption of our worldly leaders, God remains in perfect authority over it all. In knowing God, his character and his love for us we have every reason to be at peace, when we are reminded that he is in TOTAL CONTROL over everything. He has already promised what the end of our story here looks like. So we are free from the worries of the outcome to worship him in every situation. He who has begun the good works will see it through to completion.

2. It helps us to reshape our priorities in life

In light of eternity what is truly meaningful? If you were to write a list of your top 5 priorities what would it say about what you believe about God and life eternal? Would it make you look foolish for putting focus on things that have NO eternal meaning? If something has no eternal value what value does it have at all? I have come to the belief that growth in Godly Character is our one and only priority. If we pursue Godliness in character all things will be added to us that we would need, and when difficulty comes we can look at our situations as opportunity to grow in the one thing most important to us, character. If our priority is to grow in Godly character than not only will we be blessed but we will be a blessing to others. Our decisions in life will no longer be confused by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes or the pride of life but by the wisdom of God and the desire to Glorify Jesus, in any and every situation. We may still need to make plans for life but as a secondary non driving priority.

3. It helps us to rest

Romans 14:4 4 Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another? It is before his own master that he stands or falls. And he will be upheld, for the Lord is able to make him stand.

Jesus is our master and we are each individually his servants. We can rest knowing that our purposes and goals are achieved through him and our work is not to gain approval but to remain faithful to what we have each been given. We have been tasked with the work of loving God and loving others and the mark of a job well done is not a certain level of achievement but a consistent, enduring faithfulness. With God in control of all things, with Him being the author of all history we are freed from sitting in despair over yesterdays ‘failures’, we are free from the anxiety that comes from thinking if tomorrow will bring enough. We are free to be present with God in spirit to the work he has prepared for us each day. It is only in embracing that freedom that we can embrace the present to see the work God is calling us to. I believe we miss so many God given opportunities to love others (eternal kingdom because we are caught up in the worry and stress of the perishing work.

Because God is our boss, and we are accepted, secure and significant in him we can rest.

4. It’s the beginning of a renewed mind

The kingdom of this world want to conform you and your mind to believing that your life, your significance, and your joy is tied up exclusively in what is seen. Having our eyes opened up to the eternal spiritual reality expands our reality and helps us to realise that this world, under the authority of Satan is NOT our source of significance or joy. In fact, it is by opposing the culture of the world of individualism, success, fame, etc etc that we truly find freedom. It is a false kingdom that we are passing through, not enslaved to.

Understanding this allows us to be free to pursue true living, according to Gods ways!

Romans 12:2 explains: 2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Christian, embrace who you are as a new creation in God. Put to death the ways of old and live free to God in spirit and truth. You are loved, you are significant and you are secure in any and every situation. Abide in Christ and find freedom through believing his word and obedience to it knowing it is the gift of God.


Heavenly Father,

I proclaim your Majesty. Thank you for your abundant mercy and grace, your righteousness, justice and perfection in unimaginable power.

I thank you Lord for revealing your nature, and the nature of your creation and your love for me through your inspired word in the holy scriptures. I repent Father that I have not believed what you have shown me about these things and for falling into the deception of Satan. That I have lived for myself and the things of the world and have not prioritised Godliness and I have allowed others to be my master.

Lord, by your spirit would you renew my mind and heart so that I would be transformed to live according to your will, to your kingdom, for the good of my neighbour and to the Glory of Jesus. Help me to rest and trust you so that I may be able to be present in my days and to be your hands and feet.

Holy spirit, convict me of areas that hinder my growth in you and show me areas of the old nature in me I need to put to death so that more of Jesus can be seen through my life.

Bless your name Lord,

In Jesus name, amen

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